President’s Message

In the recent past emergence of Asian countries has witnessed the phenomenal growth in tourism and hospitality sector Vis a vis economic growth of the region. The recent trends contemplate the shifting center of modern hospitality and tourism gravity from Europe to Asia. The concept of the Asian paradigm was revisited to demonstrate the unique service provision and care for guests that form the basis for academic research for Asian hospitality and tourism.

The year 2003 is a landmark for THERAA as it came into existence through Colombo Declaration, Professor Suranga D’sliva and his team has worked hard to uplift its activities.


Secretary General’s Message

Every beginning sprouts from a necessity; and when necessities concern a people-to-people business such as Tourism, there are social, cultural, environmental and economic elements that need to be examined, understood and studied in order to facilitate visionary planning and organized development of destinations. For this purpose there is an increasing need for qualified academics and professionals who can contribute through invaluable knowledge and catalytic research. THERRA was formed with the intention of encouraging such ideological academics to navigate and weave the fabric of economies. Their contribution to Tourism education and research will raise the criterions of teaching and training of those engaged in Human Resource development to meet the escalating global demand for employment.