Prof. (Dr.) Sandeep Kulshreshtha

Indian Institute of Tourism &Travel Management,
(An organization of Ministry of Tourism, Govt. of India)
Govindpuri, Gwalior,
Madhya Pradesh (INDIA) -474 011

In the recent past emergence of Asian countries has witnessed the phenomenal growth in tourism and hospitality sector Vis a vis economic growth of the region. The recent trends contemplate the shifting center of modern hospitality and tourism gravity from Europe to Asia. The concept of the Asian paradigm was revisited to demonstrate the unique service provision and care for guests that form the basis for academic research for Asian hospitality and tourism.

The year 2013 is a landmark for THERAA as it came into existence through Colombo Declaration, Professor Suranga sliva and his team has worked hard to uplift its activities. In the past few years THERAA International conference held at India (two times), Sri Lanka (three times), Iran, Bangladesh, Japan and Italy.

Tourism and Hospitality Educators and Researchers Association of Asia is a non political association of Tourism and Hospitality teachers and Researchers representing different countries from Asia would address the growing interest to understand Tourism and Hospitality globally. I am sure the academic discussions, conferences, workshops, seminars and publications would provide the new insight to the members.

I am sure the academic collaborations among the members would bring new insight to solve the problems related to the Tourism and Hospitality Globally in general and Asia in particular.

With All Good Wishes

Dr. Sandeep Kulshreshtha
President THERAA
(Former Director Indian Institute of Tourism and Travel Management)