Tourism Study Programmes

Deptt. Of Economics,

University of Colombo, Sri Lanka


Every beginning sprouts from a necessity; and when necessities concern a people-to-people business such as Tourism, there are social, cultural, environmental and economic elements that need to be examined, understood and studied in order to facilitate visionary planning and organized development of destinations. For this purpose there is an increasing need for qualified academics and professionals who can contribute through invaluable knowledge and catalytic research. 

THERRA was formed with the intention of encouraging such ideological academics to navigate and weave the fabric of economies. Their contribution to Tourism education and research will raise the criterions of teaching and training of those engaged in Human Resource development to meet the escalating global demand for employment.

Further, in order to meet intimidating numbers of tourists, I invite all those involved in Tourism education and research to join in our quest of understanding what these travellers want and how we can better meet their interests and needs.  Our global tourism infrastructure needs to be strengthened to serve the waves of new tourists.  We need to better sensitize ourselves to the cultural nuances and understandings.  Additionally, it is necessary to find and train people-oriented members for service teams—people who will go that extra mile with a smile and a lot of heart.

It is my fervent hope that this association will create greater opportunities in tourism education for sustainable economic development in an era when Tourism around the globe is growing at an indomitable rate.

Often, what you think of the world depends on what you see and experience—let’s all work to ensure an optimistic environment in Tourism education and research that will benefit destinations.